4 Great Things in Hong Kong’s 1980s

#1 Hawker Culture

Hong Kong has its unique food culture in 1980s. There were lots of roadside food stalls and people ate those snacks on the street. Due to an immature economy structure and rapid growth of population, Hong Kong citizens could only make a living by their talents. Therefore, they have to run their business by setting up in the street to sell their food or handicrafts. Street food hawkers usually sell food like fishball, fake shark fin soup and bubble waffle. This becomes a unique culture of Hong Kong 1980s.

#2 1980s’ Fashion

In 1980s, due to several Japanese Fashion shop setting up in Hong Kong, Japanese pop culture becomes a new trend. Therefore, Major style of Hong Kong’s fashion were likely to be Japanese style. Most of the cuts are comfortable and simple, while major styles included loose tops with padded shoulders, baggy trousers, balloon capri pants and straight leg trousers or long culottes. The fitness craze also had an impact on fashion, jeans and sneakers were very popular and denim came in a host of designs. Pastel sports suits were favourite outfits.

#3 Entertainment — The Arcade

In 1980s, Hong Kong’s entertainment is still in a developing stage. Entertainment was most likely to be simple and classic like GamesRadar, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Not like today, people need to go to the game store for gaming. Children could spend a whole day inside the game store.

#4 Pop Music Culture

In 1980s, Hong Kong’s music was expanded rapidly. It was named as Canto-pop. The music scene was dominated by pop icons like Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Alan Tam, and Danny Chan. Due to the popularity of pop music, it was widely used in all kinds of entertainment productions like films and TV shows.


Click to access Fashion_Attitude-Fashion_History.pdf

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