3 Reasons why an online store is better than an offline store

#1 24/7 Shopping!!!
Who doesn’t love shopping? Is there anything more convenient for customers than being able to shop at 3am while they are scrolling through Instagram and see those beautiful pairs of heels and 2 minutes later, it ends up in their shopping cart? I don’t think so. Having an online store will give businesses a competitive advantage. Their customers can shop at any time of the day.


Person Shopping Online

#2 Purchase Funnel Clarity
An online store gives businesses the ability to track how often a particular customer visits their store and what products/services they view. This helps businesses with great insight about someone’s shopping behaviour and can aid them with their marketing strategies. This is something that offline stores do not have access to- and even if they did; it would be quite difficult and time consuming.


#3 Low Overheads (extra costs)  and High Margins
Having an online store eliminates numerous high costs associated with having an offline store- a pricey office and lots of heavy office equipment. The money that would have been spent on this can now be invested further on developing their websites, into market research and various other things


Stack of US dollar banknotes on marble board

3 reasons why an online store is better than an offline one


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