3 Reasons you should start your own business

#1 Pursuing a Passion
“Turn your hobby into a job” – Haven’t we all heard that before? Making a living out of something which excites us, something we look forward to everyday and something we have fun doing. Starting your own business is one way to pursue a passion. You like writing? Write novels and sell it on your own online platform. You like dancing? Open a Dance Academy. You like volunteering? Start your own NGO. There is nothing stopping you! The world is in your hands!



Grayscale Photo of Printer Paper With Printed Music = Life Near Headphones

#2 Achieve Financial Independence
Let’s be honest- one of the driving factors to entrepreneurship is gaining financial independence. Working for someone else limits our income to a monthly salary and that isn’t very encouraging. Starting your own company means there is potential for growth. The successful your company gets, the fatter your wallet gets.



100 US Dollar Banknotes

#3 Receive Tax Benefits!!!
“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes”- Start-ups and small businesses have a special relationship with the government. The reason why the government is so fond of small businesses is because these businesses help stimulate the economy by employing the people. This saves the extra cost the government has to spend on them. In return, the government helps small businesses by offering them tax benefits.



American dollar bills and vintage light box with inscription

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