創辦人Brian Chesky 和 Joe Gebbie最初開始創業的原因是想要賺取額外收入。當他們意識到由於三藩市舉行工業設計大會而酒店幾乎沒有空缺給來自世界各地的遊客時,他們想到讓人們租出家裏的地方放氣墊床這個辦法。他們的首批顧客是一個30歲的印度男人,一個來自波士頓的35歲女人和一個來自猶他州的45歲的四口之父。他們沒有投資者或外部收入來源來資助他們的創業公司-於是他們開始出售cereal!更有趣的是,他們賣掉了奧巴馬(Obama O’s)和卡普恩(Cap’n McCains)的包裝設計賺了3萬美元!

Like how many businesses begin their journey- with some struggle and inspiration; the journey of Airbnb still remains one of the most inspirational stories in recent times. They started out with selling boxes of cereals to become a company worth 25 billion dollars. It’s unreal how two people, back in 2007, were unable to make ends meet and they ended up building their own empire.

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbie, the founders of Airbnb, had moved from New York to San Francisco. Unfortunately, the both of them were unemployed and were looking for ways to make some extra cash when they realised that there were barely any vacancies in hotels due to the Industrial Design Conference that took place in SF and visitors from all over the world had come to visit.

#1 They seized the opportunity and bought AIRBEDS!!! I think it was a super smart idea. This way, they could help visitors by offering them a place to sleep for the night and provide breakfast to them in the morning.

#2 Their first guests were: a 30 year old indian man, a 35 year old woman from Boston and a 45 year old father of four from Utah.

#3 They had no investors or external source of income to fund their startup- they started selling cereals!! As if that wasn’t interesting enough, they made $30,000 selling Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains!!!-


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