GoBuddy is Selected into Cyberport Incubation Programme (Intake Oct 2019)

GoBuddy is excited and proud to announce that having graduated early from the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (a program that provides $100,000 HKD for high-potential startup projects and business ideas), it has been accepted into the 2019 Cyberport Incubation Programme! The Cyberport Incubation Programme is designed to support entrepreneurs and digital-tech startups like GoBuddy with resources aimed at helping accelerate their growth.

Out of a large pool of applicants, GoBuddy was selected to join the program based on its merits in market viability, management team quality and competence, business scalability, prototype/product functionality and usefulness, and innovation.

Companies participating in the program can receive up to $500,000 HKD (equivalent to about $64,512.50 USD) to aid their development. We will initially be supplied with a working grant of $100,000 HKD, then up to a total of $200,000 HKD over a series of three progress reviews conducted every six months. We may earn the last $200,000 HKD after a two-tiered performance driven assessment assessing business performance, accumulated investment, industry recognition, expansion, talent development, and Cyberport engagement. In addition, the program also offers us the opportunity to meet with investors and fellow startup entrepreneurs, as well as other networking opportunities.

We look forward to seeing how we will grow with this wonderful opportunity and learning what the future holds in store for us!


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