5 Tips to Build Your Community

Engagement level is an important criterion to define how successful your community is. Here are some tips to start your community and most importantly, continue running it.

Create a welcoming platform

If you want your members to engage more in your platform, judge less. It is not a fault to judge people. A positive comment and amendment will bring you improvement. However, unreasonable judgement will bring not only negative results, but also bad feelings towards the members. If they are not comfortable with the community, they wouldn’t want to stay long. Only a place which provides diversity, mutual respect and equity each member’s views can provoke more engagements and happiness. Therefore, cultivating a respectful, inclusive and loving environment can bring a sense of comfy for members to stay here and be themselves.


Consumers have a variety of choices on the internet. They can join as many communities as they want and choose the most suitable one. In order to attract and retain your customers, your community has to position yourself wisely.

There are few questions you have to think about:

  • What are the outstanding points of your community?
  • What impressions do your community want to give your members/consumers?
  • How would you describe your community by using three words?

With a clear positioning and standardization, you may find your targeted members or consumers easily to sustain your member base.

Be responsive and interactive

Turns your virtual community into a real community. It is all about interaction. Interact with your members, or else it is just an informative group for photo posting. Try to respond to your members’ posts, respond to their comments and try to understand what they want and like. They will be more engaged due to personalized communication. When more interactions will be held, you not only can understand their preferences to adjust your strategy, you can also let them feel engaged with your core members. It will be a big move for your community.

Segment your engagement strategy

There is never a one-size-fit-all strategy to all community and members. You should first categorize your customer and think of multiple strategies to tackle their needs.

You can identify them as most engaged members, least engaged members and average engaged members. For example, provide a reward programme for only engaged members and provide new ideas and activities for only attracting deactivated members. By doing so, you can target your members with specific strategies and special access to engage. With a more targeted approach, you can surely increase your success rate.

Ownership of a community

When is the first time you feel that you own a place? It is the time when you involve the most in it. You want to engage your members, but how? Ask your member to invest time and effort in your platform. Some people may think it is not suitable to ask your members to put time and effort in their platform. However, the reality is members would not leave because of it, they also will be more willing to come back again.

Here is an example, you can ask your members to manage your Facebook page together. From that, you can bring your community closer and bring a sense of ownership to your community. More and More responsible and passionate members will stay and come back.

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Free Software for Creating & Managing Bookings of Your Private Activities

My founders and I have always been wild about exploring new activities around us – something authentic, true and interesting that we are looking for.

We are always struggling about creating some private gatherings – sometimes we may want to make them public to invite some new friends, and expand our network. However, it’s not easy to find such free software that allows us to do so.

Therefore we have developed and created the GoBuddy, for anyone who wants to create your own activities – such as tours, classes, workshops, private events…. while trying to find a great value software that you hope can also help you to manage your bookings, other than relying on Google Form, then GoBuddy a great choice.

We are new generation and we love having and joining communities. Communities – for us, are the place we can meet new people. We hope to join some activities before joining the communities, hence offering flexibility.

We do believe everyone can be great community builders, because it’s part of our life anyway.

Using GoBuddy is extremely simple – the only thing we all need is just to create an account, and then private gatherings and events can be kick-started easily.