Different Types of Entrepreneurs

We all understand who entrepreneurs are and what they do. Surprisingly, even though most of them share similar traits, they are not all the same. In this blog, we will talk about the different types of entrepreneurs who run businesses.

  • Innovative Entrepreneurs

As the word “innovative” suggests- this group of entrepreneurs love coming up with and introducing new ideas and creations into the business world. They love to take risks and are great at anticipating people’s needs and turning them into wants!

Clear Light Bulb Placed on Chalkboard
  • Imitating Entrepreneurs

Imitate? Wait.. does that mean they copy others? Well, you guessed it right! This group of entrepreneurs love copying other people’s ideas and replicating them.

  • Fabian Entrepreneurs

This group of entrepreneurs love to play it safe! In order to incorporate a new technique or design or innovation, they wait for it to be tested by others and if it ends up having a positive response, they include it in their own companies too!

  • Drone Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs are reluctant to change. And.. why wouldn’t they? No one likes change. We all prefer our comfort zones and like things the way they are. However, this quality ends up becoming a barrier in their business since they are not willing to adopt to new techniques even if they are burdened with losses.




複製?等等..這是否意味著他們會抄襲他人? 好吧,你猜對了⋯⋯ 這群企業家喜歡複製他人的想法並加以復制。不過複製而加以改善,未嘗不是好事呢。





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