Rubik’s Cube Story

#1 Ernõ Rubik, a professor from Budapest In Hungary, wanted to help his students understand three-dimensional problems.His solution? The Rubik’s Cube! Ernõ creates the first working prototype of the cube in 1974.

來自匈牙利布達佩斯的教授 ErnõRubik 希望幫助他的學生理解三維問題。於是他於1974年創建了第一個立方體原型。

#2 The “Magic Cube” was demonstrated at a variety of international toy fairs, including London, Paris and New York. In September 1979, the puzzle was spotted in Nuremberg by toy specialist Tom Kremer, who could immediately see the power and potential of the Cube. Tom Kremer’s vision was to commercialize the Cube and sell it to the world; he negotiates and signs a worldwide distribution license.

“魔方”在倫敦,巴黎和紐約的各種國際玩具展上進行了展示。 1979年9月,玩具專家Tom Kremer在紐倫堡發現了這個難題,他立即就能看到魔方的潛力。Tom Kremer的願景是將魔方商業化並將其出售給全世界。他談判並簽署了全球發行許可證。

#3 Sales of the Rubik’s Cubes in 1980 initially started off as modest, but started to grow once the Ideal Toy Company launched a television advertising campaign.

最初,Rubik’s Cubes的銷量在1980年開始得很慢,但Ideal Toy Company發起了電視廣告活動後,其銷量便開始增長。

#4 1982年Rubik’s holds the first World Championship in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary on 5th June. Minh Thai (USA) was the inaugural winner with the result of 22.95 seconds.

6月5日,魯比克於在匈牙利布達佩斯舉行了第一屆世界錦標賽。 Minh Thai(美國)以22.95秒的成績獲得了首屆冠軍。

#5 2017
Rubik’s Brand enjoys a record year with retail sales reaching $250 million.

In conclusion… the Rubik’s cube achieved success through invention —> effective marketing —> community building (annual competitions and club events) —> sales and brand recognition

總而言之… 魔方通過發明->有效的營銷->社群建設(年度競賽和俱樂部活動)->銷售和品牌認可 取得了成功


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